by Maren Celest

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Tracks from many different years, starting from the age of 17 until the present age of 22.

Almost entirely (horribly) recorded on laptop computers and their built-in mics. Except for Laureln, which Patrick Carroll helped me with.

Recorded in Michigan, London and Chicago.

Solo project of Photographers, whom you can find here:

My photography is here:



released October 22, 2010

Patrick Carroll recorded and did a guitar track on "Laureln".



all rights reserved


Maren Celest Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: Glow
You're rosy and you're ready to go. That white farm is a warm glow in my bones. And fold and fold and fold and fold and fold, my toes go origami for it. Night-gowns for ghost towns.
Track Name: Preview of "Dropcharm"
Fox heart,
got the hot joy,
felt his pelt for the first time, fox heart.
Long white arm, tie my ribbon, teach me charm.
Track Name: House on the Hill II (demo)
house on a hill
holding all it ever will
cold runs the creek
washing all we'll ever speak

ancient orchard
makin peaches
hang me harder
i'm not dyin
snapped the rope
and made a bridle
movin quick but
feeling idle

house on the hill
gives communion to the stars
fast runs the creek
but always found in the same
same, same, place.
Track Name: Stray
If I didn't know the way
Would that make me a stray
Track Name: Wild Can't Last
Sam I had a dream that you settled down
that you almost stopped
That a less charming man became you

I can still hear the full roar wail
gettin' ripped out of your head by the

tendons in your neck and the dead in the air and the shit in the past
and the dead in the air
the smoke in your hair
the wild can't last

And if you abandon those boots too soon
I'll kill the man
I'll kill the man
who done become you
Sam don't settle.

I can see you golden
afraid of no
steering and sober
feeling big out in October.
Track Name: The Boiling
Kiss the boiling water,
Are you afraid?
Kiss the boiling water.
Track Name: Laureln
I know a man, wrote a book in his sleep.
I had his child underwater who we'll never meet.
She's scared and she's scary
Swaying on the stairs, saying,
"Don't save me."
She's scared and she's scary.
Swaying on the stairs, saying.
I know a man, wrote a book in his sleep.
I had his child underwater who we'll never meet.
I know he wrote a book in his sleep.
Track Name: Seventeen Year Old Sailor
Let the seas seize you, let the seas seize you.

Seventeen year old sailor,
Rough-up swarthy stubble,
Drunken peg-leg stumble.

Seventy year old sailor,
whiskey-whispered slumber,
gave the wave your younger,
did nothing for you hunger.

Hardly hardened sailor.
Track Name: Dear Dimly
Dear Dimly Lit Tavern,
I just want to ask you,
Dear dimly lit tavern
I just want to ask you
Is it still a sin
If you're sleepin'?
Is it still a sin if you're sleepin'?
Track Name: Orion's Bed
Do you hate your heart?
It faked your death it faked your art.
Don't dare me, don't dare me, don't.
Constellation-faced girl
It took me fourteen years to find you.
Give me less hip so I can move to
Oh little girl.
He will only see you at night.
He will only see you at night.
He will tell you that his bed is the night sky.